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Serious Injury Claims

EH SolicitorsSerious Injury Claims

Fatal Accident Claims

Are you looking for the right legal team to help recover compensation for the loss of a loved one caused by the negligent act of a third party?bereave

Are you looking to ensure that the claim is dealt with by a serious injury specialist firm of solicitors with a vast experience of dealing with fatal accident claims and all advice is provided with an appropriate level of expertise and in a sympathetic manner?

Accidents involving the death of a loved one are traumatic for the survivors and we aim to ensure that the surviving family receive bereavement damages, funeral expenses and the dependency awards for the lost income which the deceased would have provided to his/her dependants.

A fatal accident claim can be brought by;

  1. A husband, wife, ex-husband/wife of the deceased
  2. A person who had been living with the deceased as if as husband or wife for at least two years prior to the death
  3. A child or parent of the deceased.
  4. A civil partner or ex-civil partner of the deceased
  5. A brother, sister, uncle, aunt, niece, nephew or cousin of the deceased

Compensation can include the loss of financial support and loss of services which often includes;

  1. pain and suffering prior to death
  2. Statutory bereavement award (currently £12,980)
  3. Funeral expenses
  4. Loss of income caused by the early death of the deceased
  5. Compensation to represent the loss of services provided by the deceased (including care of children/spouse/parents) and DIY

Compensation claims cover the financial losses that have been suffered as well as pain and suffering the victim experienced before death. Though there can be no recompense for the emotional loss that the family members bear, there can be help in the form of compensation from the negligent party who caused the accident which killed the victim or insurers representing them.

Ellis Hass & Co Solicitors are fatal accident no win no fee compensation Solicitors who will pursue the claim for the estate of the deceased. No win no fee basically means that the family of the deceased does not have to pay any fees if the claim is unsuccessful.

Amputation Claims

wheelLAmputation Injury Lawyers

Have you suffered a life threatening injury leading to loss of limb?

Do you need Solicitors with experience in dealing with claims involving catastrophic injuries?

Amputation Claims Solihull

The effects of a serious life threatening injury leading to loss of limb is a devastating event causing not only physical but severe psychological trauma, the effects of which cannot be undone.

However, as a firm of Solicitors with experience handling serious injury claims we understand the need to offer advice in a professional yet sympathetic manner and to ensure that the unfortunate victim of serious injury can be compensated to the full extent of the law.

We specialise in high value and catastrophic injury cases. Our lawyers are experts in pursuing claims for clients who have suffered serious and often life threatening injuries including head and brain injuries, spinal injuries, multiple fractures and injuries resulting in amputation. We will do our utmost to rebuild the lives of victims of accidents seriously injured through no fault of their own.



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