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Serious Injury Claim Success After Boat Accident

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Serious Injury Claim Success After Boat Accident

Ellis Hass & Co settled a Serious Injury Claim this week for a lady who suffered a fractured spine on a ‘rib ride’ when she was holidaying with her family in Cornwall in 2017– the holiday accident happened on a fast speedboat ride which operates from the St Ives Harbour Wharf, opposite The Sloop Inn in Cornwall. They fancied a thrill ride but unfortunately it was more extreme than they anticipated – waves of several feet high and she was thrown up in the air and landed hard on the hard wooden seats on the boat suffering a fracture to the base of the spine.

Serious Injury SolicitorThis serious Injury claim was handled by Hiba Mahmood, Head of Personal Injury Litigation at Ellis Hass & Co Solicitors Solihull – a claim was made for our client and liability was strenuously denied by the boat ride company.

Court proceedings were started and it was only shortly before trial that the boat company agreed to pay an out of court settlement.


Hiba says

holiday injury claims“This was an unfortunate incident which happened when our client was supposed to be having a fun filled holiday with her family. What seemed like a thrilling boat ride turned out to be something of a nightmare as the owners of the boat didn’t take sufficient care to protect the passengers on the boat. We fought a strenuously contested case and it was only when faced with a trial that the boat company made the right decision to offer compensation to our client.”

We want to make sure that other holidaymakers don’t suffer a similar fate and the get the right advice should the worse happen, if you suffered an injury on holiday and need legal support please call our friendly team on 0121 746 3002