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Wheelchair bound Ryanair passenger injured on Birmingham flight

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Wheelchair bound Ryanair passenger injured on Birmingham flight

Mr Rooney a wheelchair bound passenger onboard a Ryanair flight was accompanied by his friend from Birmingham to Portugal. Mr Rooney checked in with his friend and was provided with a piece of paper to hand to a member of staff at the gates – this was to advise the staff that Mr Rooney needed assistance boarding the plane and in flight.
He did advise that he is unable to sit in any other chair due to his disability, Mr Rooney suffers with a disabling condition which means that he has limited mobility and is only able to use his right hand.Whilst Ryanair say on their website that they provide wheelchairs to disabled people and they fit within the aisle, Mr Rooney wasn’t provided with one.After boarding the flight, Mr Rooney was asked to leave the wheelchair at the back of the plane and his friend was asked to carry him to his seat. Mr Rooney then needed the toilet. His friend asked if he could use a bottle as he is not able to sit on the toilet seat, He uses a special toilet seat at home.Ryanair staff flatly refused his request and refused to assist him so Mr Rooney had to be carried by his friend to the toilet with no help. The staff appeared to be more interested in sales of duty-free items.
Whilst attempting to use the toilet (without assistance from Ryanair staff) Mr Rooney fell banging his arm on the cubicle, and sadly he suffered a fractured arm. When his friend reported this incident to the members of Ryan Air on the flight they laughed. Mr Rooney’s friend made a video on his phone as evidence and the Captain made him delete it, allegedly threatening him with arrest if he did not do so.

Mr Rooney’s trip was ruined – he did not leave the villa. He took pain killers and it wasn’t until he came back from the trip that he visited Heartlands and was diagnosed with a fracture.

Needless to say, we helped Mr Rooney send a formal complaint to Ryanair and we have even chased a response but no response was given. After the GB Paralympic Matt Byrne recently being refused access to fly we are very concerned with their attitude to disabled passengers and have been asked to pursue legal action on behalf of Mr Rooney

Mr Rooney’s ordeal has now been shared by The Mirror and Sun.