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Civil Partnership Dissolution

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Civil Partnership Dissolution

The Civil Partnership Act came into force on 5th December 2005 and allows same sex couples to enter into a civil partnership, a legal relationship similar to marriage.

Civil partnership is significant in that the parties are thereafter looked on as legally each other’s next of kin for inheritance purposes, providing partners with the same level of legal rights and obligations in relation to finances as married couples.

In addition, the Civil Partnership Act also provides each partner with parental responsibility of a child or children of civil partners and allows a partner the same status as a spouse in Adoption proceedings.

We can offer advice concerning;

  • Pre-partnership agreements
  • Civil partnership dissolution
  • Parental responsibility orders
  • Financial orders
  • Issues surrounding children of the family

Since the introduction of same sex marriage, in the case of same sex couples who get married rather than entering into a civil partnership, the divorce regime will apply rather than dissolution.

If you need further advice on divorce or family law issues then please contact the Family Law Team on 0121 746 3002 or directly to [email protected].


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