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Our Fees

We offer complete transparency in our legal fees so that our clients can understand what they are required to pay and there are no hidden fees. We will also advise you of any likely disbursements (payments to 3rd parties e.g. court fees, barristers’ fees, land registry fees,) which are likely to be payable in addition to our fee.

We will endeavour to assess your needs at which time you will be provided with an estimate of our charges (and VAT) payable in one of the following ways:

Hourly rate

We will tell you our hourly rate and provide an estimate of the amount of time which we consider will be required either to complete the legal work required or in respect of stages of the matter depending on complexity. We are transparent in respect of our charges and will update you frequently on the costs of the matter

Fixed Fees

It may be that we will be able to offer a fixed fee to complete the legal work required and we will let you know the cost at the outset so that you have certainty in relation to the fees you will have to pay


No Win No Fee

We offer Conditional Fee (‘No Win No Fee’) funding in appropriate cases, predominantly personal injury and Clinical Negligence. The law has changed in recent years so that whlst it remains the case that you don’t pay a penny if you don’t win, now the ‘Success Fee’ and costs shortfall are deducted from compensation received up to 25% of the compensation recovered for pain/suffering/Loss of Amenity and past losses.

Legal Expense Insurance

You might have legal expense insurance as part of an insurance policy which you have taken out and if so we will advise you how to seek reimbursement of fees which you are required to pay for our services. Please note however that the agreement in relation to reimbursement is between you and your insurer so we cannot guarantee that the fees will be repaid.

Although public funding is available on rare occasions to cover legal fees in the form of Civil Legal Aid provided by the Legal Aid Agency (replacing the Legal Services Commission in the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012) , we do not offer Legal Aid funding as a payment option.


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