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What Have Bloodsucking Lawyers Ever Done for us?

EH SolicitorsBlogWhat Have Bloodsucking Lawyers Ever Done for us?



What Have Bloodsucking Lawyers Ever Done for us?

Lawyers have bled us dry for years….and not just us….our fathers’ fathers and our fathers’ fathers’ fathers…..and what have they ever done for us?

…..Well, they have established and operated one of the finest legal systems the world has ever seen, making sure that society conforms to rules which allow us all to live in peace and harmony? Oh well there is that…

Yes but what about those ambulance chasing leeches, calling us day and night, promising us all unlimited riches just for signing up to bring a claim for whiplash on a No Win No fee basis….? Yes the Claims Companies are the scourge of the legal system but the laws relating to compensation have helped many thousands such as;

  • a man horrifically injured in a factory accident tracing back to the industrial revolution when ‘health and safety’ was not a phrase which when uttered led to sneers of contempt
  • or in latter days when I have myself acted in a case for a client who was paralysed from the neck down, requiring the establishment of a 24 hour care regime and needing to replace the lost income she suffered on being unable to continue in her chosen well paid career….through no fault of her own.

The problem is that lawyers are generally only needed when things go wrong; whether that be at a time when the unfortunate future client;

  • has suffered a horrific injury and requires the maximum compensation from the negligent party to get their life back on track (and in many cases to replace a lost income)
  • is going through a horrible relationship breakdown and requires a lawyer to sort out the divorce and division of matrimonial assets, and helping to make sure that the children come out of it as best they can
  • is just about to leave their job (often not at their instigation) and needs a lawyer to ‘make sure they leave on the best terms’ whether that be in their relationship with former colleagues and  managers or in respect of the terms of the Settlement Agreement maximising the termination payment so that they can get on with their job search without the financial worries connected therewith

The stats are there; in terms of most hated professionals the list (in reverse order) is;

5. Lawyer [7.85 per cent]

4. Police officer [8.50 per cent]

3. Sales person [11.70 per cent]

2. Call centre operator [11.90 per cent]

1. Traffic warden [47.85 per cent]

(source business-user.co.uk)

Although lawyers only come 5th, this is a little odd when you think back to the thousands of us who were told repeatedly by parents and grandparents to “work hard at school so that one day you can become a lawyer..” only a generation ago….

The perception is there and on some levels probably well deserved. However, give your lawyer a chance…it may be that one day you will thank them for helping you…hopefully not but if the worst happens you do need someone in your corner to help.