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Ways to make living together during divorce easier

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Ways to make living together during divorce easier

Ways to make living together during divorce easier if you are currently going through the process of divorce but have no choice but to live together at this time here are some tips to help you get through the time.

Collegiality and being respectful

getting a divorceYou have already decided that separation is needed but for a period of time you need to be able to live in the same property, this will be challenging but remember there will be a day when your separation will happen.

It is critical that communication between you is rooted in collegiality and respect, you will have disagreements from time to time but try to understand that right now you probably have no other choice so sometimes you’ll need to agree to disagree, and respect the other persons belief. If you can find points where you can compromise, then the time you have to spend together could be more amenable.

If you have children, talk with the Children

Your children will see and hear everything that is not behind closed doors, and possible some things that are meant to be beyond earshot, try to remember this and schedule times when it will be possible to discuss the serious things while they are less likely to be listening. Talk to the children and explain that things may be difficult and reassure them that they can talk to you whenever they have questions.

Schedule times

This works whether you have children or not, if you do have children then you can schedule times when you will be responsible for the children, in charge if you like. Make plans for when you will be doing certain household chores, if you do have children maybe get them involved, its an opportunity to learn as well as spend valuable time with each of you. If things like money issues need to be reviewed each month do this at set times where possible, they can be difficult discussions so again if you have children consider doing this at times when they are less likely to be affected.

When life gets too much

There will be times when you feel living together is unbearable, after all you are probably getting a divorce for that very reason. Try to take a long term view, this situation is not forever, you will at some point be going your separate ways to continue your life, this period will pass and it will be in the past, the less difficult you make life for each other or any other family members will reduce the memories you have the situation.

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