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Stressful Summer Holidays End In Divorce

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Stressful Summer Holidays End In Divorce

Family lawyers in the region can identify flash points during the year which often lead to marriage breakdown. Looking forward to and spending time together over the summer holidays can often fail to live up to expectations comments a leading Solihull divorce expert.

An estimated 40 per cent of marriages end in divorce, and it is September, following the summer break, and January (following Christmas and New Year) that see an increase in couples parting ways.

Helen Morton

Helen Morton

Helen Morton, an expert in family law at Ellis Hass & Co Solicitors said it was a pattern that is unlikely to change.
“When marriages are struggling it is often the case that one of the parties decides to instigate divorce proceedings following a poor holiday, which should be when couples and families are having their highest quality time of the year,” she said.

“During the summer break couples generally have been in each other’s company more, and as soon as September comes around they often take stock as to whether the marriage is worth preserving,” she said.

Ian Hass, Managing Director of Ellis Hass & Co, based at The Courtyard on Warwick Road, said the rate of divorce is no longer as high as in the 1990s when it peaked. This is not wholly due to people opting to stay together; many are choosing not to marry which comes with its own financial difficulties. What we are seeing more of, are the problems faced by clients who separate but fail to deal with the divorce and financial aspects of the breakdown. Ultimately, leaving financial issues unresolved creates animosity at a time when people simply want to get on with their new lives.

“There is no set formula to how relationships fail,” added Ms Morton.

“Sometimes a difficult marriage can carry on for many years before there is a point of taking action, but also sometimes a marriage break up can happen very quickly,” she added.

“However, one thing for sure is that there are times of the year where traditionally a difficult relationship ends and this is one of those times and that is why family law specialists in the region will find themselves very busy during September.”

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