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Pre-nuptial Agreements – has the Age of Romance passed?

EH SolicitorsBlogPre-nuptial Agreements – has the Age of Romance passed?



Pre-nuptial Agreements – has the Age of Romance passed?

The idea of entering into a Pre or Post Nuptial Agreement might seem somewhat unromantic to those contemplating entering into marriage at the happiest time of their lives, when financial issues ought to be the last thing of concern. But there are circumstances in today’s modern world where it is particularly sensible to consider the effects of marriage on the parties’ financial assets and particularly;

  1.    Where a party has previously been divorced and wishes to keep their assets protected in the event that the marriage fails
  2.    In a situation where there is an inequality of for example business or commercial assets that a party wishes to protect
  3.    A party has children from a previous relationship and wishes to ensure that the assets are protected

Entering into a pre or post nuptial agreement doesn’t mean that a marriage is breaking down or ‘jinx’ the marriage – in fact it may strengthen it by taking the financial factors out of the equation. In fact we all take out life insurance, which may seem a little morbid, but this is just sensible financial planning.

If this is something you need advice on, contact us on 0800 197 3560 for a free 1/2 hour to discuss how we can help. We offer fixed fees for Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements.

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