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Make a Will now and donate to Marie Curie

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Make a Will now and donate to Marie Curie

Why do I need a Will?

If you don’t have a Will, and the worst happens, there is no certainty that your assets will be passed to the members of your family or friends who survive you in a way that you want this to happen.

You should consider carefully whether you need a Will, particularly if;

• you are going through a divorce or family break up,

• you are buying/selling a house or other property,

• you or your partner are having a baby or more children, or in any case where you have children under 18

• you have children from a previous marriage,

• you are becoming or have just become a grandparent,

• you are going into or leaving a business

• you have had a health scare which makes you think about the eventualities of life,

• you have a desire to leave money to Charity

Making a Will gives you control over how your assets are divided. Also, if you have children under 18, a Will provides in accordance with your wishes for guardianship and their care.

Speak to us about making a Will and for every Will we prepare until 1st May 2016, we will donate £50 to Marie Curie, a charity which provides care and support for people living with any terminal illness, and their families.

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