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Separation Agreements Solihull

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Separation Agreements

If your relationship is breaking down you may feel like you are being swept up in a tidal wave of emotion. At such times it is difficult to make any hard and fast decisions about the future and it may be worthwhile to consider, as an alternative to the more complex divorce procedure, the drafting of a Separation Agreement or Deed of Separation.

This will provide you with an option to work towards a final outcome whilst providing the formality of arrangements which you require to give you some certainty that your financial/property arrangements are in order and that provisions are made with regard to the children.

The Separation Agreement is legally binding and protects the parties from any later proposed changes of mind. In many cases a Separation Agreement is a cheaper option than proceeding with a divorce through the courts.

Ellis Hass & Co Solicitors are always aware of the financial aspects of divorce and separation and we will endeavour to agree a fixed fee for Separation Agreements, although all initial enquiries with us are completely free of charge.

If you need further advice on divorce or family law issues then please contact the Family Law Team on 0121 746 3002 or directly to [email protected].



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