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Receiving an ET1 (Employment Tribunal claim form) through the post is never a welcome experience, and can generally happen at any time up to 3 months after an employee has left your business.

You may well be satisfied that you have done nothing wrong and that the claim does not have merit, but it is still important that you lodge a defence (ET3) to the claim within the specified time limit. We can assist right from the outset with a view to bringing an early end to the dispute, drafting a strong defence and considering seeking a preliminary hearing to formally ask the Tribunal to strike out the claim.

We understand that having to spend time dealing with claims causes inconvenience and disruption for your business and we will therefore also advise you on the commercial merits of the options for dealing with the claim. It may be the case that it is possible to achieve a negotiated settlement that makes sense to all parties when various factors are weighed up and we are happy to conduct such negotiations on your behalf.

If it is not possible to dispose of the claim earlier then we will ensure that the matter is ready for trial and represent you at the Tribunal hearing. We have extensive experience in appearing in both the Employment Tribunal and Employment Appeal Tribunal on behalf of our clients, or alternatively we can instruct a barrister to represent you if you prefer.

Whilst the usual rule is that there are no costs orders made by the Tribunal in rare occasions it is possible to argue that the Applicant’s conduct is so unreasonable that a Costs Order will be made against them. We can advise and assist if there is any prospect of obtaining such an Order.



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