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Law change makes co-operative divorces fast – EH Solicitors

EH SolicitorsBlogLaw change makes co-operative divorces fast – EH Solicitors



Law change makes co-operative divorces fast – EH Solicitors

At long last, the government has today confirmed that divorcing couples will no longer have to wait two years to divorce by agreement, the change introducing a no-fault divorce will making co-operative divorces fast, straight forward and more amicable in many situations.

We have heard fantastic news today that divorce law in England and Wales will finally be changing drastically for the better. The government has announced that, soon, couples who wish to divorce will no longer be forced to blame one another for the breakdown of the marriage. This change reflects what may be, to many, an obvious issue with divorce law in the modern day. The reality is that, for many couples, they have both accepted that their marriage just is not working. There is no blame (or ‘fault’ as it is often referred to legally) but simply a decision by both parties that the marriage can no longer continue. Currently, couples in this situation would still have to either find a way to ‘blame’ the other person for the marital breakdown or wait two years (at least) in limbo before they could progress a divorce. Very soon this will no longer be the case and there will be greater access to justice for couples who wish to divorce.

Co-operative divorce made easier

The government has yet to confirm the date when couples can ‘co-operatively’ divorce, however now that it has been confirmed that this is going to happen there will likely be a push from the public and family lawyers alike to see this progressed as quickly as possible, for everyone’s benefit. This will mean that if both parties to a divorce agree to it, then that in itself will be sufficient for a divorce to be progressed. No blame or fault will need to be proved by either party.

Divorce timescales changing

It has also been confirmed that this will see a minimum timescale for divorce of six months – to ensure that the parties are certain that divorce is what they both want. However this seems a fair approach to what, in the long run, will be an enormous help to divorcing couples everywhere in England and Wales.

The government has also suggested that they will be preventing one party from contesting the divorce if the other wishes to progress it. This will be welcome news to some vulnerable individuals who, perhaps, are trapped in a marriage but fear starting a divorce as their spouse will likely contest it under current laws.

Ellis Hass will be providing updates on this frequently and will be advising our clients as soon as the option to divorce ‘co-operatively’ is available. If you need help with divorce then please contact our family solicitor Greg Bowyer on [email protected] or 0121 746 3002 for advice and assistance.

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