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Funding option for divorce to help counter legal aid cuts

EH SolicitorsBlogFunding option for divorce to help counter legal aid cuts



Funding option for divorce to help counter legal aid cuts

Since the abolition of state sponsored legal aid for divorces there has understandably been some reluctance by people in unhappy marriages to divorce due to the financial strain this will involve.

It has led to some married couples in horrible circumstances living in the same house with a partner they want to be away from, all because they feel trapped as they don’t have the funding needed in the early stages of separation and divorce.

Whilst lip service has been paid to this plight little has been done until now, but at Ellis Hass & Co Solicitors we are proud to announce a solution.

We have been invited to join the panel of solicitors working with Iceberg Credit to arrange litigation loans.

Working closely with Resolution, previously known as the Solicitors Family Law Association, this solution has been created and at Ellis Hass & Co we have been invited as one of the few law firms able to assist in this way.

Offering competitive rates this facility has the advantage over a bank loan in that with their loans it is not always possible to discharge it upon reaching financial settlement. To add to this the legal process can sometimes be slow in which case interest continues to accrue.

We consider there is a need for clarity at a difficult time and that is why we have put together a fixed fee for components in the process involved in filing for divorce. To add to this our first interview to discuss your situation is free and without obligation.

Also, where financial hardship is taking its toll during proceedings we can make applications to the court for maintenance whilst the legal process continues.

In some circumstances we may be able to offer facilities where only at the outcome of the legal process you pay. This is an option where funds are only available after assets have been distributed.

We think this flexible and innovative move is hugely beneficial to many and should help many people part as painlessly as possible, and then move quickly on in rebuilding their lives.

It is a solution we at Ellis Hass and Co are proud to be involved in as we know no two divorces are the same, and we are focussed on the best solutions for our clients.

Anyone who wishes to read more on a litigation loan can do so at https://www.clientcredit.co.uk.

If you wish to talk about this option or any other aspects surrounding divorce or any other legal matters call Ellis Hass & Co on 0121 709 1918 or email [email protected].

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