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Social Media – Grounds for Divorce?

EH SolicitorsBlogSocial Media – Grounds for Divorce?



Social Media – Grounds for Divorce?

The news from across the Channel this month that online dating without any ‘physical contact’ is now a ground for divorce is another demonstration of the huge influence of social media in marriage break-up in this internet age.

The French ruling, where a judge decided that a husband had grounds for divorce after his 45-year-old wife was deemed as cheating on him by flirting on the internet with a man she had not met, will certainly be food for thought for many here in the UK, not least the legal profession.

In the United States in the past five years or so around two-thirds of divorces have cited social media networks as evidence in marriages falling apart and it seems fairly clear that this trend is only likely to grow.

These statistics just go to show how complicated the whole world of marriage break-up is now, and the legal profession will be more than a little interested in what has happened with our European neighbours.

The complexities of the online world has opened up a large window of opportunity to people dissatisfied in their relationships, and family law solicitors throughout the land see the computer, laptop and mobile phones playing an ever greater part in divorce proceedings these days.

Thankfully, though incidents such as the French case shouldn’t always be the end of relationships. New legislation here in the UK, which came into effect last month, requires now that couples should always try mediation first in an attempt to solve their problems where there are children and financial matters involved.

We believe this is a good step to help protect the institution of marriage, as we have first-hand experience of watching how devastating the effects of marriage break-up can be, both in terms of the parties to a divorce and any children involved .

Even the most amicable of marriage break-ups are still somewhat difficult, whilst the trauma experienced by those at the other end of the scale can be very upsetting to watch even for professionals used to dealing with such matters.

Anyone having a difficult time with their marriage or exploring separation should take time to consider the consequences, and if you feel you need professional advice, then speak to us.

Life nowadays is more complicated than ever, marriages are no exception, and all must be done to make sure that the right routes are shown to those thinking of going down this path. If the marriage breakdown is inevitable, we will do our utmost to make the effects as harmless as possible

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