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Employment Tribunal Claim Fees

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Employment Tribunal Claim Fees


Employment Tribunal Claim

Fees for Filing an Employment Tribunal Claim

Currently, individuals wanting to make a claim in the tribunal can file a claim free of charge.  However, this is set to change from Monday 29 July 2013 when an issue fee and hearing fee is introduced.

The issue fee will be payable at the time the claim is filed and the hearing fee approximately 6 weeks before the hearing date.  There are two types of each fee payable depending on whether the claim is a ‘level 1’ claim or a ‘level 2’ claim.  An example of what is considered a ‘level 1’ claim would be a claim for breach of contract whereas ‘level 2’ claims cover claims such as unfair dismissal.

It is thought that those in receipt of benefits and those with household income below a certain amount will pay nothing.  Discounts may also be applied in other cases.

The proposed fee structure is:

Fee TypeLevel 1 claimsLevel 2 claims
Issue fee£160£250
Hearing fee£230£950




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