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EH Solicitors Office Move

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EH Solicitors Office Move

Ellis Hass & Co Solicitors – Specialist Family Law, Employment and Litigation Lawyers have moved to offices in Solihull town centre.

Whilst in our regular blogs we are keen to interpret the legal issues which affect both individuals and local businesses, we are taking this opportunity to announce that Ellis Hass & Co Solicitors have now moved offices from Shirley to Solihull town centre where we believe we will be better suited to provide legal advice and assistance to individuals and local businesses.

Ellis Hass & Co are now located at The Courtyard, Warwick Road, opposite House of Fraser and Argos in the centre of the town, a stone’s throw away from the centre of the busy shopping area and in the heart of the business centre of the town.

During the past couple of years Ellis Hass & CoSolicitors have helped a huge number of local clients with legal issues arising out of relationship breakdown, employment disputes and litigation, both for individuals and businesses alike.

Helen Morton

Helen Morton

Helen Morton, Head of the Family Law team, has helped clients to put their lives back together at what is always a very difficult time. She says,

“When a relationship breaks down it can seem like the whole world is falling apart. We do our best to make sure that the legal process leads to as best a resolution as can be achieved, whether by mediation, negotiation or even representation at court if this is required. What is important is that we work together to make sure that the outcome allows for our client to get back on his or her feet and get on with the rest of their lives”.



Jane Ellis

Jane Ellis

Jane Ellis heads up the Employment Law department assisted by Paul Bownes, providing legal support and assistance to local businesses which may well need help to make sure that they handle their employment issues in the right way. Whether that involves helping new businesses with recruitment, drafting contracts and handbooks, or during employment with maternity/paternity issues, sickness absence or discrimination, or at the end of employment dealing with settlement agreements and tribunal claims there are many legal issues which need the right advice to be given at a sensible price. Jane says,

“Whilst businesses are starting to show signs of cautiously coming out of recession, it is vitally important that business owners receive the right employment law advice so that legal issues don’t come back and haunt them at a later date”

But Ellis Hass & Co also look after the rights of individuals who have been wrongly treated in their employment relationship by way of discrimination, unfair dismissal or breach of contract, often on a no win no fee basis. Whilst it is often possible to negotiate the best terms by way of a Settlement Agreement, they will if called upon represent clients at an Employment Tribunal.


Ian Hass

And finally, Ian Hass MD who established the firm in September 2000 leads the litigation team assisted by Greg Bowyer who is a trainee Solicitor. Ian and Greg specialise in litigation for individuals and companies, who either need to pursue claims for financial remedy caused by breach of contract or defending claims brought against them.

If you need advice on family law, employment law or litigation, why not visit www.ehsolicitors.co.uk or call Ellis Hass & Co Solicitors on 0800 197 3560 for a free 30 minute appointment to discuss how we can help.



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