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Court representation/debt claims

EH SolicitorsCourt representation/debt claims

The court system in England and Wales prides itself on fairness and impartiality. However the advocate you choose to represent you in the court proceedings or representation at court is of critical importance in many cases to the outcome of your case.

There are many situations where you might require court representation such as;

  • An appearance at Small Claims court to pursue a debt which is owed to you or defend a claim against you (the current limit for small claims is disputes under £10,000 except for personal injuries where it is £1,000)
  • You might have an appearance at Magistrates Court for a criminal matter e.g. speeding offences
  • You might be appearing before an employment tribunal as a consequence of an industrial dispute
  • You might have a hearing where you are in mortgage arrears and need time to pay
  • Bankruptcy hearings – financial difficulties
  • Landlord and tenant disputes

Our fees for court representation are calculated by reference to the amount of time we spend on your case. There may be other expenses (disbursements) for third parties such as barristers (in complicated cases), experts’ reports and court fees.

In some cases we are able to work on a fixed fee although we will have to quote individually upon this depending on the complexity involved.

Unfortunately, we do not accept Legal Aid funding as a payment option.



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