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Compensation win against Solihull barbers

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Compensation win against Solihull barbers

Compensation barbers injuryOur recent compensation win against Solihull barbers, Kings Barbers Club highlights that despite almost ruining our clients wedding day and potentially the couples wedding photos many establishments often contest cases against them despite overwhelming evidence

On the 17th June 2016 the day before his wedding, Mr M went into a local Solihull barbers shop for a shave using a hot towel and a “cut throat” razor as he had always wanted a hot towel wet shave.  His fiancée had booked an appointment at Kings Barbers Club for himself, his step-dad, his father-in-law and his best man, the day before his wedding.

At the beginning of the shave the barber heated up a towel and applied it to the Mr M’s neck. The towel was far too hot and burned his neck causing a large, raised blister to immediately appear. The barber then immediately cut through the blister with a cut throat razor, leaving a nasty cut which was apparent on all the wedding photos.

A claim was made and the insurers for the barber shop denied responsibility so court proceedings were undertaken against the barber shop.

Shortly before the trial, the insurers agreed an out of court settlement with Mr M.

Hiba Mahmood, Head of Litigation at Ellis Hass & Co Solicitors, said;

Barbers-injury-claim“My client wanted a hot towel and old fashioned cut throat razor shave as an experience to enjoy the day before his wedding with his family. He certainly didn’t want a lack of care by an employee of the barber shop to lead to him suffering a nasty cut which was quite evident on his wedding photos.

It is a pity that the barbers shop wasn’t prepared to accept liability immediately, causing him to enter into court proceedings. Fortunately, they saw sense before the trial and made a compensation payment to my client.

At Ellis Hass & Co, we are keen to make sure that clients receive proper compensation for injuries caused to them through no fault of their own.”

We can help not just in dealing with a difficult injury claim but also in assessing where the liability lies. If you need advice or think you may have a difficult claim then Contact our friendly Solihull Injury Solicitors and we may be able to pursue your case.