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British Asian Divorces in Need of Deep Cultural Understanding

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British Asian Divorces in Need of Deep Cultural Understanding

Divorce and relationship breakdowns are a sad fact of life and despite strong cultural bonds these issues affect partners from every community albeit in different ways.

The parting of a couple going their separate ways after making a public promise of a lifetime together is incredibly complicated and it is important to understand that the backgrounds of the individuals involved whether that be due to racial or religious factors lead to different issues to be considered in each separate case.

Cultural impacts have to be taken into consideration and this is especially so when it comes to dealing with the breakdown of a relationship where the parties are from an Asian heritage

Fortunately being based in one of the most multi-cultural hotspots in the UK we have gained great experience with the various nuances of cultural impacts dependent on ethnic background.

Traditionally, the Asian culture considers family unity, loyalty and honour of extremely high importance and this is a most important consideration for lawyers dealing with divorce for partners from an Asian background.

If marriages fail, often entire families are affected and not just the couple themselves, or even just the children of the relationship. The parties and their families can feel daunted and isolated and in need of strong support, and we consider it important to offer strong emotional support to those who are affected by the breakdown.

However, despite the obstacles, it is fair to say society is seeing a greater level of independent decision making by those who wish to end their marriage, and this is a trend which is prevalent within the British Asian community.

Whilst in many respects a British Asian divorce is similar in law to other divorces, we see cultural differences such as in respect of child contact. In some cases we notice the prominence of fathers wishing to be the main carers of the children if there is a dispute and this issue has to be taken into account in the context of the laws relating to divorce and child arrangement orders.

In addition there are sometimes complicating factors when it comes to division of assets where for example there is conflict over dowry gifts.

Forced marriage issues are also a difficult but unavoidable area in modern life in our society.

All break-ups have to be dealt with the utmost respect and understanding of the cultural significance of a subject which to many remains a taboo.

If you are of Asian origin and experiencing marriage difficulties and wish to know more about your options do not hesitate to contact us and we will try to give you some clarity about your choices.

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