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Divorce Court fees to rise again – are you exempt?

The response by Resolution to the government’s plan to increase court fees again for divorce cases in July 2016 highlights the effect of this ‘divorce tax’ on those people in society who are already experiencing perhaps one of the most fraught times in their lives. The reason behind the increase is questionable – this is the second increase

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Like Us on FB and Win a Christmas Hamper!!

It’s that time of year again…the countdown has begun. 7 weeks until Christmas and I am sure Christmas present shopping is still very low on the agenda, as life gets busier and busier… We at Ellis Hass & Co Solicitors want to give you a Christmas gift…and that’s something you don’t hear a lot from

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Hiding Assets in Divorce disclosure

In a groundbreaking case The Supreme Court has ruled that if a party to a marriage has misled the court with regard to their assets it is open to their ex-partner to challenge their divorce settlements, even long after the divorce has been finalised and the assets have been split. It is thought that this

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What Have Bloodsucking Lawyers Ever Done for us?

Lawyers have bled us dry for years….and not just us….our fathers’ fathers and our fathers’ fathers’ fathers…..and what have they ever done for us? …..Well, they have established and operated one of the finest legal systems the world has ever seen, making sure that society conforms to rules which allow us all to live in

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Why delaying your divorce can be a time bomb..

Delaying your decision regarding divorce proceeding? Hoping that matters can be resolved amicably? Just make sure that allowing matters to drift doesn’t lead to dire financial consequences by seeking legal advice before the decision is taken out of your hands. The decision to leave a spouse or Partner is likely to be one of the

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At Ellis Hass & Co Solicitors we strive to provide a legal service which goes beyond your highest expectations. When you instruct a Solicitor, it may be as a consequence of the realisation that your marriage has irretrievably broken down, perhaps at a time when you are being asked to move on from a job where you have

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