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Employment Fixed Monthly Support Package

“An unorthodox situation had arisen with one of our employees which required urgent and creative action. Ellis Hass & Co responded with an in-depth understanding of our type of situation and their prompt commercial action saved our business considerable time and costs. We have also developed a strong relationship with the team and look forward

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Family – Divorce

Helen acted for a husband who was involved in a long marriage, during which time both husband and wife helped to develop the family business, so that after 20 years the value of the business was in excess of £2 million. The wife left to commence a relationship with another man and Ellis Hass &

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Child Emotional Cruelty Laws Unworkable

Proposals to create a law specifically targeting emotional abuse of children is littered with pitfalls warns one of the region’s leading family law experts. Helen Morton of Solihull based solicitors Ellis Hass & Co said many in the legal profession feel the same about the so-called ‘Cinderella Law’ which would make emotional neglect and abuse

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Auto-enrolment FAQs

Auto-enrolment FAQs Auto-enrolment is fast approaching for many businesses and it seems quite daunting for most, if not for the pocket, for the processes involved in implementation.  However, we strongly advise that employers seek professional advice on how auto-enrolment impacts upon their business as soon as possible.  It may not be as daunting as you

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