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Successful claim after public house assault

Ellis Hass & Co recently succeeded in winning compensation for our client who was ‘glassed’ by a member of staff at a local Public House when he was watching a sports event on the large screen (advertised by the pub prior to the incident). A band had been asked to perform at the same time

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Ways to make living together during divorce easier

Ways to make living together during divorce easier if you are currently going through the process of divorce but have no choice but to live together at this time here are some tips to help you get through the time. Collegiality and being respectful You have already decided that separation is needed but for a

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Rated As One Of The Best Solicitors In Solihull

Ellis Hass rated as one of the best Solicitors in Solihull yet again We are delighted to announce that we have been recognised in the top three solicitors in Solihull again having been evaluated independently by the internationally recognised quality service website, ThreeBestRated.co.uk The website looks for and recognises the top three businesses in a

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Prenuptial agreements & postnuptial agreements

Prenuptial agreements and post-nuptial agreements are becoming more and more prevalent since new proposals being introduced by the Law Commission, the intention of the proposed legislation is to reduce the costs associated with strongly contested and acrimonious Court battles between divorcing couples, and in an effort to provide certainty to parties entering into marriage. We

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Civil partnership separation, so what happens with the children ?

Civil partnership separation, so what happens with the children? It is a very concerning time for everyone involved when a Civil Partnership breaks down. Usually there are two main concerns for anyone involved in such a difficult time – what happens to the children and where do you stand financially? Understandably and rightly, concern for

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Civil Partnerships, why choose one over marriage or cohabitation?

In June 2018, following a landmark decision by the Courts, it was announced that, soon, heterosexual couples will be able to legally enter into a Civil Partnerships if they prefer that over a marriage. At the moment, until this law is implemented, only same-sex couples can enter into a Civil Partnership. This change, which is

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Compensation win against Solihull barbers

Our recent compensation win against Solihull barbers, Kings Barbers Club highlights that despite almost ruining our clients wedding day and potentially the couples wedding photos many establishments often contest cases against them despite overwhelming evidence On the 17th June 2016 the day before his wedding, Mr M went into a local Solihull barbers shop for

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What is a collaborative divorce?

What is a collaborative divorce? Collaborative divorce or collaborative separation can be a way to satisfy the needs of all parties effectively and quicker in a lot of situations. One of the first things most people will worry about when it comes to divorce is, what will happen to their finances? This is completely normal

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