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5 Top Tips to Facilitate a Smooth Redundancy Process

EH SolicitorsBlog5 Top Tips to Facilitate a Smooth Redundancy Process



5 Top Tips to Facilitate a Smooth Redundancy Process

Redundancy Process

5 Top Tips to facilitate a smooth redundancy process

There are a number of alternatives to redundancy to consider but if redundancy is the only option available, employers may be wondering how to facilitate the process so that it runs as smoothly as possible.


  1. Follow the correct procedures – not complying is likely to lead to disgruntled employees and tribunal claims which could be more costly and stressful for all concerned.
  2. Communicate with your staff – keeping your staff in the dark can really affect morale and it can lead to rumors bring circulated which will not assist the process and could lead to animosity amongst the workforce.  Meet with all your staff, whether they are at risk or not, and inform them of the process that will be followed.
  3. Consider asking for volunteers for redundancy – there may well be people wanting to leave although you do not have to accept volunteers.  If you can encourage volunteers, this will assist the process as it will result in an agreed termination of employment and so is unlikely to result in a claim.
  4. Offer outplacement support to those being made redundant – figures show that staff who are offered this are less likely to take legal action against their employer and are instead likely to feel more valued by their employer.
  5. Support your ‘survivors’ – people often forget about those not made redundant.  Morale will be low and there will be uncertainty.  Employers may wish to conduct regular update meetings to inform staff of progress, new business and future plans.  Trust will be lost if there is a lack of transparency.

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